The Orange Rhino Roundup…Your turn to take the Challenge!

15 days down, 350 to go!

Dear Orange Rhinos!

Right now, my hands are sweating and my heart is pounding because I am totally humbled and excited and overwhelmed and scared all at the same time about how “The Orange Rhino Challenge” has started to take off. I am so touched that people I know, and don’t know, have decided to support me in my promise to my boys to not yell at them for 365 days. And more so, I am thrilled to see that other people are taking the challenge on themselves. Everyone says it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I say it takes a village and a bunch of Orange Rhinos.

So welcome fellow Orange Rhinos, let the stampede begin! (Is that what Rhinos do?!)

Cheers (or should I snort?!)

The Orange Rhino


Tonight’s post is short and technical as this Orange Rhino is pretty certain the stomach bug is headed to her stomach in a couple of hours. Sigh. Let’s hope not!

But, I wanted to make sure to get this post up as I have seen a lot of interest in Joining Me in the challenge and questions about how to do so. So I introduce to you…drum roll please…

The Orange Rhino Roundup:  The time to toot your Rhino Horn about your progress.

Here’s how it works. Every NIGHT (this is a change!) I will post on the the following…

“The Orange Rhino Roundup: Toot your Rhino Horn!”

Under that post, please post in the COMMENTS section your name and the days you’ve completed on “The Orange Rhino Challenge”, ie,

 “Elaine: 15 days down, 350 to go” or “Elaine: Day 1, Take 9” or “Elaine: Day 4, Take 3”

The way I see it, you deserve to Toot your Rhino Horn just by participating.

So whether you’ve complete 15 days or are starting Day 1 over again (for the 9th time, like me in the Beginning), you deserve to post your name for everyone to see that you are trying to be an Orange Rhino. That you are trying to be a mom (or dad) who has the energy and determination to forge ahead and parent with more composure and warmth and without yelling!

Remember, each day is a new day…if you have a bad day, like I did on Day 1 Take 7 (read this post to realize it hasn’t always been a success for me!), don’t beat yourself up like I did! Just keep coming back to this page for the support. I’m getting the sense that you’ll, WE’LL, find it!

P.S. For more ways to do “The Orange Rhino Challenge” with me, check out this page, Join Me.

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24 thoughts on “The Orange Rhino Roundup…Your turn to take the Challenge!

  1. Starting tomorrow morning. This is something I have been struggling with for a long time. I grew up in a home with a lot of yelling. I know how much I hated it as a child and really don’t want my kids to go through the same thing. This will truly be a challenge for me, but I have to succeed some how. My children need this and so do I.

  2. Going to bed with that dreaded pit in my stomach tonight after a struggle at bedtime ended in yelling and my five-year-old pounding on me with all his frail little might. Tomorrow marks day one of my challenge. THINGS NEED TO CHANGE. Thanks for the support!

  3. I have just made it through day 3…not even a raised voice! Woohooooi!!
    Love the challenge!
    Love my 3 kids!
    Love my life even more with the realisation that I can enjoy it all without the sound and guilt that a negative yell creates.
    The sun is shining so bright in our little world.
    Thank you

  4. I’m ready to take the challenge!! I’m so glad I came across this! I need this and so do my kids. They deserve it 🙂 Thank you!!!!

  5. I am so excited about this challenge. I will be starting tomorrow. My initial goal is to go a week without yelling or having to restart. Once I accomplish this I will add another week.

  6. Day one! So excited to give this try. Every day I am going to put a rock in a jar to remind me of my progress. I am going to reward myself after the first 7 days and I challenged my friends to do the same. I am really eager to see the results in my kids and the changes in me!

  7. I do believe that after last night, this site is a god breeze. I will take today as day one of the challenge. I will however, be taking baby steps and start at 1 week (7 days) and progress to 1 month and so on. I tend to set myself up and cannot meet my own expectations and therefore consider myself a failure and don’t bother trying again.

    I have decided that being the mother of 3 teenage girls and 1 pre-teen girl (yes, that’s 4 girls) is a rolling stress filled day but that it shouldn’t be impossible to have a life without losing your marbles. I must say that I don’t become crazy momma daily but I don’t like it when I do. It is a terrible feeling.

    So, here is to day one of seven.

  8. Today is day 30! Hasn’t been easy, some tough days….close calls and tense moments…but there has been a change. I don’t go to bed crying and feeling horrible. The home is more loving, fun and quieter. It really helps me when I read others posts on here and think “that’s my life”. It helps to have support and “teammates”!! I am grateful to have found you.

  9. I am starting one day 1 take 2 this weekend was my 7 month old baby boy baptism and while that is a joyous event it is also stressful. Especially when my biggest trigger came yes my mom. The person who spent most of my childhood yelling at me. My setback though was my 11 year old making a snippy remark to me after I was simply telling him he was playing the same basketball team next week and he replied “why wouldn’t we?” In a snotty tone. First my husband lost it and then I did and that set me back 2 days. Now Sunday I remained pretty calmed despite the fact a bottle of Dr pepper was dropped and split on my freshly clean kitchen floor then strawberry pop fizzed all over the floor. What was my trick?? Well its amazing how calm you can remain when there is a minister in your house. Okay so here is to starting over and making it a little longer!

  10. Day 1…I was never a yeller until I was the mother of 3 boys in less than 4 years. They are now 8, 6, and 4. I am so thankful for this challenge and already feel like my attitude is changing. I made it through the day and realized my trigger is TIME. The lack of it, the amount it takes to get ready to leave or ready for bed, the little amount I have to myself, and the endless amount that I spend repeating simple requests. I look forward to tomorrow. My first goal is a week.

  11. I’d rather post comments here than on Facebook..
    I am on Day 11!!!! Yesterday was a close one, I am wearing orange today…I do NOT want to restart!! Loving the changes this has made to my whole family:)

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