The Orange Rhino Tips to Manage 4 Main Triggers


Orange Rhino 4 Main Triggers copy

1 thought on “The Orange Rhino Tips to Manage 4 Main Triggers

  1. So glad I found this blog, I heard about it on a Homeschooling website I’m part of. I use the LOA to parent my best, and I agree with what you said here, and at all times we should be thinking about what our higher self would do. But even when we focus a lot on yelling, we are attracting more yelling…so we need to focus on peaceful parenting to become peaceful within. Just my opinion, but it’s true. And, thank you for doing this, I am sure this is helping a lot of parents to overcome their challenges…the main one being that no one else was put here for you to “force” into compliance, even if you are having a bad day–kids come knowing that they are amazing, so who are we to put our crap on them! I also went through this, and have used NVC as well to parent with great success.

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