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About The Orange Rhino®

Hi, I’m so happy you are here! I’m Sheila also know as The Orange Rhino® or as my four boys (ages 17,15,14 and 12) call me, Moooooom!

This wonderful community started years ago when I created The Orange Rhino Challenge® to go a year without yelling at my sons, they ages five and under. I succeeded and actually went 520 days straight – but that wasn’t what I was most excited about. All the tools I taught myself to yell less, and all the insights I learned and embraced, helped me love my life, myself, and time with my kids more.

Today the real The Orange Rhino Challenge® is to keep that love going because let’s be honest, life can be hard sometimes, wicked tough even! Not only that, I’m human and it’s a challenge to always respond with warmth and love, especially when life ain’t so awesome!

I know how it feels when life charges right at us – been there, done that, came out the other side more times than I can count. My dream is to help everyone feel ready for that moment when life charges so it isn’t “as bad” and to help them feel just a little bit brighter and stronger when it does happen, so that they can keep charging forward after their own dreams.

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