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In January 2012, my handyman busted me yelling at my four boys, then ages five and under. Embarrassed I had been caught, disappointed I had become a yelling mom, ashamed because I felt I was the only one of my friends with a “yelling problem,” and most importantly saddened that I had yet again, yelled at boys, I decided enough was enough. The next day, I promised my boys I would go 365 days straight without yelling; I actually went 520 Days straight without yelling! My journey as an Orange Rhino parent continues today and I share my tips, lessons learned and stories here so that you can start your own journey and together we can support each other as we daily take The Orange Rhino Challenge to Yell Less and Love More.

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      I had been less than pleased with my yelling frequency lately so I had been pushing myself to figure out what was triggering me so much that I was unable to do what I know I needed to do (and … Continue reading →
    • Lessons from the Number Eight

      My alarm went off this morning and so I promptly…rolled over and went back to sleep because, isn’t that what one does when an alarm goes off?! It went off again, but this time my phone said “It is 6:35” … Continue reading →