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YLLMcrop2Yell Less, Love More – How The Orange Rhino Mom Stopped Yelling at Her Kids – and How You Can Too! is a parenting memoir, guide and journal!

I wrote this book in the same tone as my blog: honest, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes humorous and never shaming. You will not read one statistic or one line about why you are a bad parent because you yelled. I promise. Instead you will read 30 short and simple daily segments that consist of a story from my journey that hopefully makes you feel more normal and less alone, and then an action plan (based on my experience) to help you on your journey to yell less.

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What People are Saying About “Yell Less, Love More”

“Yell Less, Love More yanks the cover of shame off yelling in a way that I have never experienced before. Through powerfully honest anecdotes from her personal journey, Sheila McCraith empowers, inspires, and heals the person holding this book….This book is a life-changing gift.”
– Rachel Macy StaffordNew York Times Best-selling Author of Hands Free Mama

“If you want to stop yelling at your kids, this is the book for you. There’s a reason parents flock to read the Orange Rhino online – she helps us feel better about ourselves as parents when we blow it entirely – and who doesn’t, sometimes…? Well-organized, motivational, funny, supportive, and EFFECTIVE!”
– Dr. Laura Markham, www.ahaparenting.com

“…by 20 pages in, you trust her completely. She is you. She is a loving yet flawed, passionate yet frustrated, authentic yet human mother who’s trying as hard as she can to show grace to her children, even on the days when she really just wants to scream in their face. By the end of the book, her brave confessions about real-life mommyhood, paired with her accessible, no-yell application points at the end of each chapter, accumulate to make you feel that it’s possible for you to get through the next hour without yelling at your kids.”
– Janie from www.SheJustGlows.com

“Unlike how I feel reading most other parenting books, “Yell Less, Love More” felt like spending time with a friend who is both compassionate and courageous.”
– Dr. Jessica from www.HonestParenthood.com

Here are the in-depth details about the book! 

Day 24 RATS

  • The Memoir Part: I worked hard to make sure that the majority of the stories not only touch upon universal triggers that many can relate to, but also that a majority of the stories are brand new so you don’t feel like you are re-reading my blog! Get excited – the new stories are the ones that I never had the courage to share!
  • The Guide Part: The action plan portion is short and sweet (about a page) and starts with key, inspiring, and often new revelations from my journey, followed by one to two actions for the day, three tips to prevent yelling, and then one of my favorite inspirational quotes that kept me motivated on my journey.
  • The Journal Part: Any time it is possible, there is even space allocated for you to take notes. So I guess Yell Less, Love More is a memoir and a guide and a working journal! Especially since the last chapter is “Resources” and includes a trigger tracking sheet, a color Orange Rhino logo to print out, and a journal for you to track your top alternatives that worked for you. This way you don’t have to go to my blog to print these items out!

If you are thinking even though it is broken down into 30 days you still won’t have time to read it, don’t fret! I chose this publisher because they wanted to print the book in color! (I mean, it is The Orange Rhino after all….) Anyway, because it is printed in color and the publisher rocks at layout design, it is very easy to:

  • Find and separate the stories from the revelations, actions, and tips.
    So if you have time to read an entire day, go for it! If you only have one minute to yourself, you can quickly find the daily tips (they are in a very easy to spot graphic design!) If you have more than a few minutes, you can then quickly find the revelations.
  • Find the key points without reading the entire book!
    One of the last chapters is kind of like the cliff notes if you will and exists purely because I know there are days when you just won’t have time to read but want some quick help! It includes summaries of all the key points: top lessons learned, top triggers and how I manage them, top alternatives to yelling, top questions and answers etc…. See?

Oh, and you finally get to see some pictures of my boys and officially learn my name. Yes, I am The Orange Rhino but those who know me call me Sheila McCraith. Not gonna lie though, I like The Orange Rhino better; it is much for fun and less formal which is what this book is all about! Learning to stop yelling can be daunting and hard and boring. I really think though, that one main reason I succeeded in learning to stop yelling is that I made the journey fun. As Dale Carnegie says,

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

Even though the topic of this book is serious per say, and even though some of my personal stories are on the more serious side, I promise you that there still is a lot of fun in this book! I want you to enjoy the journey so you are best set up to succeed because that is really what I want for you. I know first hand how yucky it feels to want to change and to want to stop yelling – and I don’t want any of my friends (that’s you!) to feel that way if they don’t have too. I want you all to feel a bit of the increased happiness, calmness, and love that I have found as a result of yelling less and I really, REALLY hope this book helps you achieve that.

All my best and a heart full of gratitude to you for helping my dreams come true,

The Orange Rhino
a.k.a Sheila

18 thoughts on “* The Book *

  1. I found my self searching online when i found your web site it make me feel a little better to know I’m not alone .. .Yes I’m thankful for this Book challenge I’m also a mother of 4 and mines under 8 .. I’m costly yelling at my kids it make me feel so bad inside because I just want my kids to do everything I said but not realizing my kids are still growing . my kids mean so much to me and I love them so much I want my kids to be proud of me to hear them said I have the best mother in the world.. I need this Book ..

  2. Thank you for this and I can’t wait to read the book as I am a yeller and have 3(almost 4 year old) twins and I know I need to stop yelling at them. I, like you saw the fear in their eyes of mom’s wrath and I have to stop so I can’t wait on this book and I will be taking the challenge on this website!

  3. Thank you so very much for such an awesome resource. I yell way too much and every time I do the guilt is terrible. I try to stop and am usually only successful for a few days. My kids are wonderful but they can be challenging. If I don’t carefully avoid triggers (them deliberately not listening or obeying anytime/rushing in the morning/end of day Mom crankiness) I will lose my cool complete with a raised voice and not so nice words 🙁

    I know my kids deserve a mom that expresses emotions in a healthy and calm manner. They deserve to feel emotionally safe. Yelling is stressful and demeaning to anyone especially our precious little ones. The Golden Rule is so simple….treat them how we would want to be treated….with respect. After all, we are our kids’ first and most important model of behavior.

    I made a written and verbal pledge to my kids tonight and had them witness/sign. I don’t want to feel like this anymore and I don’t want to be a mean yell-y mom anymore. So here I am…I am putting it in writing here as well. It’s comforting to know that there are other parents who struggle with this and have chosen to take the challenge. Our kids deserve it!

    Good luck to everyone!!

  4. Thank you for you post and inspiration, Unfortunately I won’t be able to buy your book for at least 4 months but I will hopefully get it soon.

  5. Thank you so much for this. Your honesty is inspirational. I’ve been noticing I’ve had an issue with excessive yelling for a while now. It didn’t really hit me until my 7 year old daughter told me the other day that she feels I yell at her more than I love her. That in its self tore me apart. I am committed to changing. Or only for my oldest daughter but I have a one year old as well. My girls mean everything to me and they deserve constant happiness and love. Again thank you so much. I now know I am not alone and that an amazing support community exist! I will be running to Barnes and nobles today to purchase your book! I can not wait to share my experiences.

      • Hi there, I notice there’s no eBook on Amazon. Since I have a Kindle and I’m outside of the US I believe that’s pretty much my only option?. Please let me know. Regards.

  6. Just searched online for help with yelling at my 3 year old, found your website, and about to place an order for your book. Hurrah, I am not alone and I can change! Thank you.

  7. Thank you for this and I can’t wait to read the book as I am a yeller and have 3(almost 4 year old) twins and I know I need to stop yelling at them. I, like you saw the fear in their eyes of mom’s wrath and I have to stop so I can’t wait on this book and I will be taking the challenge on this website! Again I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes and making me see that I am not alone!

  8. So grateful to learn of your story, your book, your experiences. I’ve been a yeller, thrown a few fits and even raged now and again, unfortunately my daughter (adopted from Ethiopia at 8 mos.) has had the (not so) good fortune of experiencing my yelling. I should add that this was a late in life adoption and I’m in the throes of menopause as I type.
    Anyway, Orange Rhino, I just wanted to thank you for your honesty as I feel better already and feel my patience growing after having read some of your blog. I look forward to reading your book.
    Wishing you all the best and ever-increasing patience and peace,

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