Monday morning misery

278 days without yelling, 87 days of loving more to go!

Dear Monday,

Why can’t you ever be nice to me? First you fill my house with tears, then you break my computer and then you break my dryer. Yes, I blame you for all those things because I feel like it. Harrumph.

A disgruntled Orange Rhino


Picture this. It’s Monday morning. Not just any Monday morning but one after a two week vacation from school and any routine really. Now add three over-tired kids because they don’t get daylight savings and one baby who likes to pick up everything and move it. Oh! And don’t forget the super high-strung mommy who didn’t sleep a wink because of her own nightmares. Okay. Can you see all the tears? Can you hear all the protests against going to school? Can you feel all the tension? If so, you were at my house this morning. It gets better.

Now imagine all four boys in the car. I realized I didn’t have my keys to start the car and look for them. They are no where to be found. I ask the boys as they always take them. Nothing. No response. No remorse. Which meant one thing. Darling baby played hide mommy’s keys, again!So here we are. After tears and meltdowns and air-punching and angry screams and finally getting buckled in to go to school..and we can’t. Are you KIDDING ME I bark rather fiercely.”Everybody out!” I ordered. “Help me find the keys.””Aw mommmmmm” they complained back.

“Look, you guys encourage him to take the keys, you help look.”

We all went inside and dropped to our knees, aka baby height. 5 minutes later, keys found in the play kitchen. Excellent.

And queue the whining about school and the tears to start again. This time louder and with much more vigor and passion. Excellent.

After I wrestled four kids BACK into their car seats I couldn’t help but think to myself, who doesn’t love Mondays?! T.G.I.M. Anyone?! No takers?! How about T.G.F.D.B.O.A.T? Thank god for deep breaths oh and Tuesdays. Tomorrow is a new day. New moments. New opportunities. Bring it on Tuesday, or better yet, Monday realize you are MINE and can’t mess with me.

Oh yeah!!! As a homeschooling Mom, I'm tattooing this on my forehead!!! How about you @Meg Shank???? ;)


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