LIMITED Time: Autographed Book Plates!

So, here’s the thing.

There is nothing I would love more in the world than to meet all of you! You all have been so supportive to me during my journey that I just want to see you in person and say thank you and then return the support by encouraging you that you can learn to “Yell Less, Love More” even if you think you can’t! But alas, as I plan my book tour, it is becoming abundantly clear that I will not get to meet all of you so I came up with an alternative idea for how I could give support back to you:

Personalized and Autographed Book Plates
that you can stick on the inside of your book! 

Book PlateI have three-ish months before my book, “Yell Less, Love More: How The Orange Rhino Mom Stopped Yelling at Her Kids and How You can Too!” hits the shelves. That is three-ish months that I have to write personalized messages to as many of you as I can! So even if we don’t meet in person, I can still virtually “talk” to you before you read the book. If you haven’t read the post yet about what the book is about, here’s a summary:

Yell Less, Love More” is part memoir, part parenting guide, part writing journal, part “let me read this so I don’t feel alone.” It is organized into 30 days, each which includes: a personal story (some funny, some sad, some brutally tough yet beautiful, and all inspiring and useful), my top revelations (cliff notes if you will just for us parents who can only read the book on bathroom breaks), suggested actions to try that mirror my journey and three tips for not yelling. I arranged it as such knowing that many parents, like myself, don’t have time to sit and read an entire chapter of a book, let alone more than a few pages at once! The organization and graphic design of the book also make it easy and fast way to pick and choose which information one needs and has time to read at a precise moment! What is not included, however, are statistics about why yelling is bad and any statements that would make anyone feel judged or ashamed! Who needs that? Instead I offer my love, my support, and my vulnerability so that all readers can be inspired to start his/her own journey to yell less and finally go to sleep feeling less guilty and disappointed in him/herself! Here is a sneak peak at two pages (that are 99.8% final):

Day 22
Day 24 RATS

1) Click on the picture of my book below which will take you to my publisher’s site. Here you can select which online book retailer you want to purchase the book from. Pre-order the book so that I know the book plate will have a home! (By the way, most of the time it is less expensive to pre-order the book ahead of publication date than to buy on publication date when the book is normally full price! I just learned this and will be pre-ordering way more books in the future!)
The book!

2) Send an email to

3) The email needs to include the following: proof of purchase (like an amazon screen shot or emailed receipt), the name you want the book autographed to, and the complete mailing address where the bookplate should be mailed. If you want, add any personal information you want to share. (I love reading your emails by the way; you all inspire me with your stories and triumphs!)

If you ordered before this offer came out, that is fine, you too can get this offer as well, just follow the instructions above.

4) I will write up to 250 book plates so email me today so you can get on the list! This is a LIMITED TIME thing so I can solidify the list and start writing! Autographed book plates will be mailed out shortly before the book is shipped because well, if any of you are like me, if I received a book plate weeks in advance, I would totally lose it, especially in all the back to school paperwork!

I am really looking forward to sitting on my porch at night this summer and “writing” to you!

The Orange Rhino, a.k.a Sheila
– or is it –
Sheila, a.k.a. The Orange Rhino ?!

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4 thoughts on “LIMITED Time: Autographed Book Plates!

  1. Thank you for all that you do to keep me (us) on the right path. I enjoy reading your blogs and the community’s journey for YLLM!

  2. Sheila I’m hoping I’ll be able to afford your book. I recently lost my husband in January and we have three young children 7,6,&2. And things have been extremely rough for all of us and I of course have done way more yelling than I should be. Just reading the few above has already inspired me. Thanks for this eye opener, good luck in all you do hun.

    Desperate widow mother!

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