WOW! 365 Days without yelling. Wow.

365 days without yelling! 

Wow. Wow. Wow.
I did it.
I actually did it.
I went 365 days straight without yelling at my 4 boys.
I think I am shock.
And really tired!

Because this not yelling thing? It takes energy, focus, patience, love and lots of it!

And I don’t just mean energy, focus, and patience to hold myself back from yelling, it also takes all those things to stop and figure out why I wanted to yell in the first place! Did I want to yell just because the kids were “misbehaving” or was it because I was in a bad mood? And in both cases, what was I going to do to create a new plan to resolve those? Oh the questions went on and on and on and oh so did the opportunities to show self-control and not yell.

And as for love, well, I don’t just mean finding love for my kids even when sometimes I didn’t want to (oh say when there was marker all over my house), but I mean finding love for myself.  Taking care of me is such a part of learning to yell less; if mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy! And that means forgiving myself in the beginning days when I did yell and telling myself that I could do it.

I think I exercised parts of my brain and heart this past year that I never knew I even had! Okay well that might not be the best example, but you know what I mean. I hope! Seriously, though, I had to work hard this past year. But I will say this. While it was hard in the beginning, with each moment that I didn’t yell, it became easier, and easier and easier to the point where I lost most desire to yell.  Truly.

And now, here I am 365 days later and I could be happier. All the hard work, all the exhausting and frustrating moments were all worth it because of the loving moments I gained. So yeah, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Wait, I am going to do it again. You all have inspired me to keep going as have my kids. But more on that later. Right now, I am tucking my kids in with a quick kiss, giving the babysitter instructions and going out to dinner with my husband. And when I get back, although I will be tempted to write a more in-depth, thoughtful and thankful post to all of you, I am going to eat some Orange Rhino cake, look at my pretty orange flowers, read the beautiful notes you have posted and probably take a nice, long, well overdue bubble bath. And then I am going to pass out relieved that I made it 365 days without yelling and happy as can be that I made it 365 days of loving more.

Thank YOU,
The Orange Rhino

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11 thoughts on “WOW! 365 Days without yelling. Wow.

  1. I just discovered your blog today, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Congratulations on your 365 days and thank you so much for sharing your journey. I can’t wait to get started on my own journey.

  2. What an accomplishment! I love that you are being a real and transparent mom out there so I don’t feel like I’m the only one with yelling problems. I thank God that I found your site. It’s a life changer. Thank you & have fun celebrating your hard work.

  3. I started following you a few weeks ago and have started over everyday! As I sit here reading this specific post my 3 year old walks in and says, “Oh mommy I have a great idea! You’re tired so put down your tea (it is really wine!), snuggle with my lovey, put down your phone and I will cover you! Go on mom, go ahead, lay down.” So that coupled with your inspirational journey will give me the strength to start again tomorrow. My kids and I deserve better, thank you for lighting the way.

  4. Wow! Congratulations. Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading about your challenge! Love the fact you are taking time to celebrate your success.

  5. Unbelievable…i only started on the first of this month and already this house is lighter…happier… Somehow your suggestions have stuck in my head and although ive gotten my point across , its in a respectful way that does not include yelling. I can feel the kids closer to me, even saying thank you more! I know im still in the honeymood period but this is unbelieveable! Thank you for all your inspiration. I hope you continue to let us in on your journey.

  6. You are a total inspiration, not just to me, but to many! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

    I think, what is so appealing about you and your road to not yelling is the honesty that you are not “oh I love my kids so much so I never yell” or “Not only do I not yell but my children never watch tv, never talk back and it is all love love all the time” but you openly talk about the struggles, and how you wanted to yell but didn`t and how hard it can be and how much work it is NOT to yell. Even though many can agree that not yelling is a great thing I think it takes courage to talk openly about the feelings behind yelling and moving from that onto not yelling.

    I found your blog about 2.5 months ago and already things are better at home. I might not keep calm everyday but I certainly am much better than 3 months ago. I am also more forgiving of myself when I do snap.

    A big big congratulations to you- enjoy your dinner, your orange rhino cake and your bubble bath!

  7. Congratulations, what an amazing thing you have achieved! I do not comment often, but I read your blogs and emails – they give me such positive energy and even though my little ones are both very young, I feel like I am starting out from a much better place than before I found your blog. You are not just an inspiration for those who already yell too much and want to change, but also for those of us just starting out who really want to try and yell as little as possible as our babies grow up. Thank you for all of your honesty and kind words – your family is extremely luck to have you (and so are we, the Orange Rhino community)!

  8. A terrific friend introduced me to your blog and it feels like an epiphany. It’s not like this has not dawned on me (to stop yelling), but that you make it seem . . . well, like an attainable way of living, by setting the goal the way you did. I am proud of you for what you have accomplished. As I start my own path on this journey to yell-less-ness (I’m going for no yelling, except I am pretty sure the new puppy will not fall for my dances and song tricks. haha), I will be going back over all of the blogging you did over the past year of your journey. Thank you for doing this. 🙂

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