The 411 to “Yell Less and Love More”

Many thanks to The 411Mommas in my area for the invite to their NYC Meetup event this weekend. I am so disappointed to miss it!!! Since they will be chatting about Video Blogs I thought I would create one just for them in my absence. This is for you ladies!

411Mommas Video Blog by The Orange Rhino

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1 thought on “The 411 to “Yell Less and Love More”

  1. I was only thinking last night how much I , my husband and my 3 kids (especially age 9, 11, 14) need for me to go back to being an Orange Rhino. I believe being caught screaming at your kids by a complete stranger in your own home was a great wake up call and motivator and sometimes wish something like that would happen to me. Even though I know shouting at my family daily is very destructive to them and me I find it hard to stick with the challenge. I did it manage it for two weeks and was shocked at how much my shouting was mostly about me and not them. By taking responsibility for my triggers we all felt the benefits. It was definitely a calmer and happier home. My daughter is now 14 and challenging me everyday. We are shouting at each at least three times a day and to be honest its creating a toxic environment for all us. I need to do this challenge again as I know it works. I just need to figure out the best way that motivates me to keep going….I practice buddhism and know only too well how toxic confrontation, shouting etc is for my (already vulneralble) mind. …. It would be great to get a response as I never have and I feel it would help me. Thankyou for your video. Breda from Ireland

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