Master one moment at a time

285 days without yelling, 80 days of loving more to go!

Dear Orange Rhinos,

I regret to inform you that my computer read my post last week and in sheer defiance decided to go kaput. So unfortunately for this week looks like I will be posting via phone again. Apologies! Anywho, here is a conversation I had with my hubby this morning. Based on the tone of my posts the content should come as no surprise, but hopefully you like it and find it useful (and funny!) I know I did at the time.

The Orange Rhino


OR: I’m cranky.
Hubby (H): Yes I noticed. Is it that time of month? (Ever so loving).
OR: No!
H: Oh. Sorry. Is it because you feel gross like me?
OR: Yes partially. I just wanted to cry this morning when I woke up.
H:I feel ya pain sister (why he calls me sister I have no idea. Weird.)
OR: No seriously. I just can’t seem to get back on track after the Hurricane and it is overwhelming and annoying.
H: Of course you feel that way.
OR: thanks captain obvious. Want to shed some light?
H: You’re off routine and have been for 3 weeks! You’re not exercising, not eating healthy, not motivated to write because you’re stressed and therefore not writing which is a routine you had, you aren’t sleeping well because kids aren’t adjusting back to aforementioned missed routine so yeah you’re proper f’d.
OR: wow babe. Thanks for the awesome pep talk. Yeah, things are tough right now. But how does one get through? How does one pick up and get going when the going gets tough? You know, as you would say, how do I light a fire under my a**?
H: Is this a philosophical question about life? A blog question? A weight loss? I can only handle one female emotional issue at a time…
OR: it’s all of the above. It applies to all you know.
…He starts talking and I cut him off becuase in talking to him I started gaining clarity.
OR: I know, you just go at it. I read somewhere then when working out if you feel weak that is when you push through. That is how you become stronger.
H: Exactly. It’s hard and overwhelming right now but if you push through you will get back on track. And everytime you come to this place you will push through faster because you’ve become stronger.
OR: Okay great philosopher, put it into simple terms please.
H: Focus on what is 3″ in front of you.
OR: My nose??? (Yes I said this. Yes I have a big nose).
H: No you dumb a**. Focus on the basics. Focus on what has to get done now. One choice at a time. One thing at a time until you have both feet underneath you again.
OR: oh okay.
Child #2: I have to go p**p and I can’t wait until we get to Starbucks.
Philosophical conversation ends as we each run, pushing a double stroller the remaining half mile. Focus on what’s in front of you – like the potential of an accident. Back to basics!

Seriously though, this applies to the Challenge and life. Focus on the moment in front of you now. Not the 365 days or the 3 months or the 30 days or even a week. Master one moment at a time and when you feel weak push through…the strength to not yell will come. Tell me, what do you do to get the spark going? Focus on the basics, like cleaning (sat morning FB post), or what?

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3 thoughts on “Master one moment at a time

  1. I like this post. It is a positive way of thinking. I also like that it was interupted by a pooping child which made it very like an exact conversation I would have had with my husband. It also helps in the effort to not yell. I notice myself I am more likely to snap if I am focusing on the bazillion things I need to do and not the task at hand.

  2. Thanks for this!! I am having a tough day! Hubby is back to work. This is my first day alone since the challenge started. I have been feeling overwhelmed. Kids being kids, laundry and all the housework and the constant thought of not yelling weighing on my mind. I have been second guessing everything that comes out of my mouth. So with reading this, I shall push thru the day one step at a time!! If the laundry gets done then great, if not, there is tomorrow. I can’t conquer it all in one day. I am only human. That is a huge thing I need to overcome. I am the type that wants it done and done now. So here is to focusing on what’s in front of me. One step at a time!!!

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