Do Orange Rhinos stampede?

70 days down, 295 to go!

Dear The Orange Rhino, a.k.a me,

Do Orange Rhinos stampede? (Sure, why not.)

Do Orange Rhinos really exist? (Sure, in our community they do.)

Are all your clothes orange now? (Yes, just about.) Really? (Yeah, getting there.)

Do you know the answer to everything?
(Nope, not at all. But I still like being asked questions, especially about taking the Orange Rhino Challenge as it forces me to reflect.)

So please…ask me questions! Once a week, like TONIGHT, I am going to open up the blog for YOUR QUESTIONS. Please post your questions in the comment section below. Any and all questions are welcome, ie:

  • Why do I feel like giving up yelling is like giving up drugs or chocolate?
  • How do you not yell at your kids during a pillow fight? Walk me through it?
  • Do you really feel like a better person?
  • Why should I do this Challenge?
  • So now that you don’t yell, is there anything else you wish you didn’t do as a mom?
I will answer 1 of the questions weekly (like the use of the plural?! I’m hoping!) And someday, when my brain is working, I will have a clever title for the question night beyond “Ask the Orange Rhino.” Suggestions WELCOME. Orange Rhino Request? Rhino Revelations? You ask, I’ll tell, not yell? Please ask, don’t yell? You ask, I’ll listen?
We’ll see how this works. In the meanwhile, let’s give it a go.
What is your Orange Rhino Inquiry?
The Orange Rhino
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1 thought on “Do Orange Rhinos stampede?

  1. Have you had any moments turn funny now that you’re not yelling…where before it may have been yelling and tears?

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