TODAY is “The Orange Rhino Challenge Day!”

It’s here! If all goes well and I surive the next 14 hours of my 4 boys under 5 being awake then I will have successfully gone 100 days without yelling! Join me today and take the Orange Rhino Challenge…just for 1 day! It took me one day to be hooked, to realize not yelling was indeed something I could learn. Give it a try!

Comment below with your name to show your participation. Check in throughout the day here or on Facebook at

Good luck today!

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13 thoughts on “TODAY is “The Orange Rhino Challenge Day!”

  1. I’m in!  I saw your post yesterday on Momastery and thought about it all day yesterday.  I would love to join you today.  Thanks, Megan

  2.  I am joining the challenge too! Congrats on your 100th day. I aspire to be able to accomplish 10 days and cannot fathom 100.

    • Thanks Linda! 10 would be great. So would 5! In fact any moment you don’t yell when you normally would have is a win! Keep up the hard work!

  3. I heard your friend talking to Matty on Kiss 108 about this challenge as I was driving to work!  This is great, I’m in as well!  I have 2 teenagers and a very hyper 9 year old so this will be quite the challenge!  Thanks – Michelle

    • Welcome! Good luck Michelle! In the beginning I had two local friends who I texted whenever I was going to lost it. They kept me on task. Hope you have some friends like that too…it makes a big difference. I am curious to see how much harder this becomes as my kids age!

  4. I discovered your blog yesterday.  I have two boys, ages 7 and 5 and a 2 year old little girl.  All are very high energy.  Every day I wake up and promise myself I will not yell, every day I break that promise.  Going a whole day without yelling seems impossible.  I decided to try today and so far, so good.  Thanks for the inspiration! 

    • Welcome! Glad today is going well. Sounds like your house is my future! High energy is exhausting, isn’t it? Even if the kids are being good and having fun the high energy alone makes me want to scream. I hope today still goes well!

  5. I am trying it out today.  Thought it was going to be easy not to yell because everyone was cooperating and then my day turned for the worse.  I appreciate your challenge because I needed to hear it today.  Best of luck to everyone who is going scream-free today

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  7. Good luck!!  You seem to have some serious following .. Kiss FM?  Love it. Love the challenge.  I’ve gotten better since reading the blog but haven’t taken the “challenge” until today (too many other resolutions swirling these days!).  Happy to participate fully in at least one day.   Good luck!  Sara

    • Thanks mv_shark 😉 Kiss FM, I know right?! could NOT believe it. Very exciting mostly because it’s all community driven. Very cool. Can’t wait to hear how your day went! Thanks for reading and following Sara 🙂

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