“Yell Less, Love More” Blog Book Tour!

Announcing the “Yell Less, Love More Blog Book Tour!”

TORC_logo_blogTour3-2I casually asked you all if anyone would be interested in previewing my book and sharing a written reflection about your personal journey to “Yell Less, Love More” and how the book helped you move forward on your own personal Orange Rhino Challenge. The response was amazing and absolutely touching!

I am excited to share that every day (just about!) from October 1, 2014 until October 22, 2014, an Orange Rhino will bravely share his/her story about yelling as well as a review of my book. While some reflections will be posted on other blogs and others will be posted here (those of non-bloggers), all the reflections share one core sentiment: courage. It takes courage to tell yourself that you have the desire to yell less but it takes even more courage to make that desire public…very public for that matter. Please help me support these brave Orange Rhinos by reading their stories and sharing some comment love. Added benefits to you for reading these inspiring stories? You not only get to discover great new blogs and people with all different backgrounds, but you also get a chance to win a free autographed copy of “Yell Less, Love More: How The Orange Rhino Mom Stopped Yelling at Her Kids–and How You Can Too!” Oh, and lets not forget that each and everyone of these stories will help you realize that you truly aren’t alone in your struggle to Yell Less. Here is the schedule!

JillyHeader  10342427_10152165808335028_5885805031878323622_n  Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.01.05 PM
Wed., October 1        Jillian of “Hi, It’s Jilly”  www.hiitsjilly.com
Thurs., October 2      Shell of “Things I Can’t Say”  www.thingsicantsay.com
Fri., October 3           Galit of “These Little Waves”  www.theselittlewaves.com
Sun., October 5         Joanne, Guest on  www.theorangerhino.com

Umbrella Tree Amy  Honest Parenthood Jessica  942844_568295893193430_1975380971_n  125ad1
Mon., October 6        Amy of “Umbrella Tree Café”  www.umbrellatreecafe.com
Tues., October 7        Dr. Jessica of “Honest Parenthood”  www.honestparenthood.com
Wed., October 8        Karen of “Apple Tots in the Hudson Valley”          www.appletotsinthehudsonvalley.blogspot.com
Thurs., October 9      Kelly of “A Mother’s Design” www.amothersdesign.com
Fri., October 10         Laura, Guest on www.theorangerhino.com
Sat., October 11        Melissa, Guest on www.theorangerhino.com
Sun., October 12       Rachel of “RachelandJaseohana”  www.rachandjaseohana.blogspot.com

She Just Glows Janie  cropped-header1  35494_10151120589861381_1321380929_n  trueparentingredcrop
Mon., October 13      Janie of “She Just Glows”  www.shejustglows.com
Tues., October 14      Erin of “Musings by Mama”  www.musingsbymama.com
Wed., October 15      Anna of “Todays Mama”  www.todaysmama.com
Thurs., October 16    Christy, Guest on  www.theorangerhino.com
Thurs., October 16    Andy of “TruParenting”  www.truparenting.net
Fri., October 17         Carrie, Guest on www.theorangerhino.com
Sat., October 18       Suzanne, Guest on www.theorangerhino.com
Sun., October 19      Denise of “Denise Nico Savings”

Mon., October 20     Jen of “Mom Cave TV”  www.momcavetv.com
Tues., October 21     Angela of “The Mommy Stories-Friends”
Wed., October 22     Kimberly of “My Hope Whispers”  www.myhopewhispers.com


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