Watchout! She’s gonna Blow!!!

33 days down, 332 to go!

Dear sweet Husband,
Wow, you really taught me a lesson this past weekend. A frightening one. A thank god you taught me one. A thank god I am taking this challenge one. So thank you.

your most appreciative wife, a.k.a
The Orange Rhino


Wow. Wow wow wow. What a moment. Lots of them actually all in the span of 90 minutes. Hilarious and scary (insightful) moments all at the same time.

It was Saturday.  A glorious, sunny Saturday. We slept in until 6:30 (insert sarcasm) and felt great.

We took the boys to go bowling as a reward for sleeping, scratch that, STAYING in their rooms until 6:30 am every morning for 5 days straight. We got to the bowling alley on schedule ie. early enough so we had time to play and then leave in time before the I’m hungry meltdowns started. We started having fun as planned (we’re big planners here at The Orange Rhino household).

Not planned? That #3 was strong enough to pick up the size 14 bowling ball…repeatedly! I was trying to feed the baby, my husband was trying to help #1 and #2 bowl (otherwise their balls got stuck in the middle of the lane) and #3, well he was busy trying to toss the size 14 ball, which if you don’t bowl is HEAVY, across the lane, towards our neighbors, who were, just a wee bit busy. You see, the father next to us was throwing a LOUD temper tantrum at his two tween aged sons.

“That’s it. We’re out of here. Brady, you cost me $20! I wanted to have fun. And you whined the whole time. We’re leaving. Put your shoes on, now!” He then threw the shoes at the two kids and walked away.

I felt so bad for the two boys. Not only were they clearly used to being scolded like this in public, but after witnessing the whole thing go down, after having done The Orange Rhino Challenge for a few weeks, I knew something I didn’t know before. That all the dad needed to do was to ask Brady, why are you so upset? He would have just answered…which he eventually did…that he was frustrated he couldn’t bowl as well as his dad. That he sucked. Sigh.

Now to be clear I AM NOT JUDGING. Why? Because I have said stuff like that before. Just not in public. My temper tantrums B.C. (Before Challenge) were ugly too. We all have our moments.

Thankfully for me, but not for the kids next to me, the dad’s behavior kept me in check because at that moment, when I was trying to feed a baby and keep  #3 in check, I too wanted to throw a temper tantrum. I wanted to scream “I can’t do this by myself. Husband, help me NOW! #3, enough already. Just sit next to me and color. STOP screaming every time I try to take the ball away!!”

Needless to say, when we left the Bowling Alley, I was exhausted.

My husband asked me if I had fun. I looked at him. Was he f*n nuts? I spent the whole time trying to keep #3 from starting WWIII with the neighbor. But yes, I guess it was fun…

On to lunch. #3 was still in a mood. God Bless him. We were all squished into a booth at Burger King (kid’s choice) and #3 wanted space. Needed space. Demanded space. He kept elbowing  #2 and me to move. Oh, and he was taking everyone’s French fries. Let’s just  say he was on no one’s good side. So my husband picked him up and left with him…screaming. It was another peaceful moment on this beautiful peaceful Saturday that we had planned to be a fun day.

Back in the mini-van. #3 is still crying that he didn’t get to eat his KETCHUP and my blood is boiling. I’m exhausted at this point from not yelling. I’m done. I start driving. #1 thinks it is funny to start screaming. #2 joins in and well #3 is still crying.


I pulled over to the side of the road as soon as it was safe. I turned to look at the kids. But instead I stopped and looked at my husband. He was covering his ears and leaning away from me.

He was waiting for me to BLOW. To lose it. To scream.

I just looked at him, totally confused, and said,

“What are you doing?”

“Waiting for you to scream.”


“Oh right, you don’t yell anymore. You’re The Orange Rhino.”

Totally hilarious that he was taking cover from me. Totally embarrassing too. Totally sad that I used to yell that much and that loud that he was prepared. BUT totally awesome that I have stopped (fingers crossed).

So what did I do? I waited. Waited until the screaming stopped. Didn’t say a word. Just waited.

It finally stopped. THANK GOD.

And Thank God my husband took cover, thus pointing out to me that yes indeed, I did yell too much.

I am totally hoping I can keep this up, this not yelling thing. Because I really, REALLY, don’t want to be like that dad in the bowling alley (LIKE HOW I USED TO BE.) It was so not cool. And I really don’t want my boys to have the same sad, shamed look on their faces that the other boys did as that too was so not cool, more than not cool. It was heart wrenching.

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5 thoughts on “Watchout! She’s gonna Blow!!!

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  2. Pingback: We are one kick ass community! | The Orange Rhino Challenge

  3. It is always a huge revelation to see yourself reflected in someone else’s reaction.  I know just what you mean about how mind blowing that can be!

    • Thanks Euro Girl. You timed your positive reply perfectly 🙂 The Orange Rhino is phenomenally insecure about what she publishes 😉 Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! 

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