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I know how cruddy it feels to classify oneself as a “parent who yells way too much” and I just don’t want you to feel that anymore because I know how great it feels to call oneself an “Orange Rhino Parent!” This is why I created all sorts of different tools to help you out on your journey to “Yell Less” like The Orange Rhino CommunityThe Orange Rhino store…The Orange Rhino Book, “Yell Less, Love More”…and now (drum roll please) The (new and improved) Orange Rhino Challenge App! I am super psyched about the App as it is a great complement to my book and it helps you do all the things that helped me stop yelling like…

Testing out all sorts of silly and unique ways to stay calm,
Talking positively to myself,
Tracking my progress visually,
Writing down when and why I yelled to determine my triggers,
Creating a plan for said triggers, and
Getting friends to support me in staying to said plan.

Oh, and did I mention it is free?! Yep, it is! It is only for iPhones right now but when we get enough interest and positive feedback, I will look into raising funds to create an Android version. Until then…here are some key screen shots of the App along with directions on how to best use the App.

Goal Complete– Daily Inspirational Quote
– Visual Goal Tracker: Set your own goal in the Goals page and select whether or not you want the graph to appear. The graph will always show your most recently achieved goal in the center (1 day included!) so that you constantly remember that you CAN indeed Yell Less because you have already done so! Also, once you successfully achieve your goal, The App will ask you if you want to go onto the next goal!
– Personal Mantra: Type in your own mantra that speaks to you and motivates you! Change it as frequently as you wish.
– Access to Settings: Three horizontal lines under the Rhino will take you to settings page where you can select daily tips, set an alarm, back date last yell.




Daily Tips      New Goal!


Journal– Traditional Journal:
“Write” out all your frustrations so that you don’t let the frustration out vis-a-vis a yell. Enter as many as you wish each day. Scroll through them to identify any patterns, also known as triggers. Tap on the arrow on right to make an entry.
– Trigger Tracking Journal:
Enter all triggers as you identify them as well as a potential solution. Make sure to tap on save afterwards to save changes!






Journal Entry   Trigger

– Stay in touch with my latest insights, stories, and tips by getting up-to-date posts from my Facebook page, Twitter Feed, and blog


Support– Get in touch immediately with your support network! Add up to five names from your phone’s contact list to your support list. When you want to yell, text or call them and get instant support!
– Connect with other Orange Rhinos by heading over to The Orange Rhino Community. Ask questions on how to handle a specific trigger. Ask for extra support. Read other posts and find hope that you can yell less and peace from knowing you are not alone! Find Orange Rhinos like you going through similar struggles.






Set Goal – Personalize your journey by picking the best goal for you. Make sure to select “Set Goal” to save your preferred goal.

– Determine how you want to monitor your success. Do you want just the days counter to appear or also a progress chart?
– Decide your rules for The Challenge. If you want to go a set number of days straight without yelling but you yelled, reset the counter…but don’t reset your determination or belief that you can do this!





Daily Tips– Daily Tips: Set a specific time (say, first thing in the morning?) to receive daily tips pushed out as notifications on your phone. Make sure to select “Set Time” to save your tip time.
– Backdate Last Yell: Capture every day you haven’t yelled by updating the date your Challenge successfully started.
– Set Custom Alarm: Set an alarm to go off at tough known moments with an Orange Rhino inspirational sound and a short message of support for yourself. (Note: You will not see a list of all of your saved alarms and at this point you can not upload your own sound…maybe in the future!)





photo 4   Backdate Yell
Please note: This screen shot of daily tips is old – you actually get tips, i.e. do pushups and not quotes! 

Daily Alarm   Short Alarm Message   Days of Alarm

To set alarms follow these steps in this specific order! (1) Tap on the “+” (2) Tap on Random Sound, select sound, press done (3) Type in short message (4) select “Repeat Options” to select all Days the alarm should go off (5) Select time (6) Tap “done.”

So there you have it – the basic layout and functionality of The Orange Rhino Challenge App! Just like parenting, my goal here wasn’t perfection, but rather progress and I continue to progress further developing this App and others. I hope you enjoy using The App as much as I enjoy looking at the screen shots and dream of using it (eh hem, I am an Android person!) You can download the app on iTunes

Happy Downloading!

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26 thoughts on “The Orange Rhino Challenge App!

  1. So, it’s been many years now… any plans for Android? Plus would love an update on your life, ever slip back into yelling? Or still calm?

  2. Android user +! here! Please make it available on Android. I can’t wait to start using the App. It looks like it’s really going to change our lives! Thanks for creating this blog and providing the hope and encouragement for us.

  3. Hi would you please please be able to release this on android? I need help so badly and have such little time to read between being a single mom of two with a stressful demanding career. This app would be a godsend just got the encouragement alone. I need that more than anything else.

  4. Thank you for such a great site. I have only just discovered it and will take more of a look around. I, too, would love to see an android app! Julie

  5. I would really love to see this on android unfortunately I phones are not in our budget id even be willing to pay something if at first it isnt available for free 🙂

  6. Android! prettyplease? I started this for Lent. I actually started it on Fat Tuesday, just to get ahead. so far, so good, no yelling. I even had to haul my kids up an hour and a half early, get them ready in 30 minutes and out the door for before-school care, too. Thank you!

  7. I can’t wait to see this on android. I use my phone to track everything from my daily housework routines to my period. And those things I can track on my phone are the ones I am most able to stick with or be prepared for. I really think this app will help me.

    It’s almost enough to consider switching to iphone…

    Nah… I can’t stand apple. So please hurry! 😛

  8. This app looks AWESOME! Sadly I don’t have an iphone, but I sure would like it on android! I read a little of the book every night before bed. I truly appreciate the help and encouragement! My son is all about reminding me of the ORANGE RHINO, but I haven’t had the courage to actually commit to the 364 day challenge. Thanks so much for being a pioneer and friend!

  9. After a really cruddy day with my almost 5 year old and numerous tantrums I was thrilled to see this email about the app. Ugh! But I’m an android girl 🙁
    I’m eagerly anticipating the android version 🙂

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