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1. I live outside of The United States, can I still order?  YES! I can ship to The United States, Canada and anywhere else. Yeah!

2. What is Shipping & Handling? There is a flat rate of
~ $3.99 for shipping and handling on any order to The United States
~ $9.99 to Canada
~ $24.99 for anywhere outside of The United States and Canada.

Order 1 item or 10 and the fee is the same! This price reflects that of shipping a package, the materials, and the time to put the order together. Unfortunately, the U.S. Postal Services considers the bracelet and key chain to be too thick to go in a regular mailing envelope which is why everything I send out falls under package rates.

3. Do I have to pay taxes? 49 of the 50 states do not have to pay taxes. Orange Rhinos of New Jersey, I am sorry but because I live in New Jersey, you do have to pay the standard 7.5% NJ tax.

4. When can I expect to get my order? Because this is a small shop and I need to have some help to fulfill the orders (the elves that come at night and magically do things are booked), I estimate that orders could take up to 12 days to be received.

5. It said my item was backordered, what does that mean? As I funded these items upfront, I could only afford a limited number and I had to guess at interest. I will order more items when one item runs out assuming there is enough demand. As all items are custom made, it can take up to 2 weeks for new orders to come in. Thank you in advance for your patience!

6. Where does the profit go? Any profit from the sale of these items will go to offset the cost of the website and the online community as The Orange Rhino’s piggy bank (or should I call it a Rhino bank?) is running on empty! If there are any extra proceeds, they will go towards getting the word out about our community in meaningful ways.

7. I am a store owner and would like to buy these items in bulk and sell them in retail. Is that possible? YES! Absolutely! I would love to get the word out about The Orange Rhino Challenge and the mission to “Yell Less + L.O.V.E. More™”. Please contact me at

8. I have a product idea! Please do tell! Email me at and I will take your product idea to heart! Some ideas I am already considering: car magnets, t-shirts, coffee mugs and napkins.

7 thoughts on “The Store Q&A

  1. A Coffee Mug would be great to start our day totally aware of our everyday challenge! I also love fridge magnets and a little Orange Rhino magnet would look perfect!! What about pens, cupcake cases or even beach towels….
    I love your idea of making packages with a combination of products, it is perfect for all those wishing to buy from overseas. Congratulations for everything!!!!

  2. hi, i just paced an order but realized i wanted to add some more bands, can i add to it? it is being shipped to NY. thanks clo

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