The Orange Rhino Challenge App!

It is finally here. Okay, for iPhones at least! Android will follow if there are significantly enough downloads so iPhone users, help us Android folks (eh hem…me!) out and get a downloading.

App Landing Page  IMG_5953-2  IMG_5951-2

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20 thoughts on “The Orange Rhino Challenge App!

  1. I’ve been linking this all over facebook asking all my iPhone using friends and fam who are interested to download this… myself and quite a few other Android users are impatiently waiting for that app 😉

  2. I NEED this app!!! I have an Android! I want desperately to break my habit of yelling at my kids, but as a single mom I get no help. I NEED help, and this app may be all the help I need!

  3. I’m frustrated and sad that I have let my kids down as a parent. And probably ruined them emotionally. It’s almost Mother’s Day and my daughter can’t think of anything good to say about me- because my yelling overshadows everything. I hope I can finally change. Ill take the challenge and keep reading.

  4. I would love this app for Android!! Yes, I would pay for this app too!
    I will download it to an iPhone for now… PLEASE let me transfer my data to my Android phone ASAP!

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