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Here’s the thing, I feel like I haven’t really talked to you all in a while! Why is that? I have been feeling so overwhelmed by different things in my life that I have felt like I couldn’t “really write.” I felt like I was going to explode instead. Or is it implode? Or perhaps both? Either way, I don’t just mean yell, I mean totally lose it and have a full on, crying in hysterics attack. My to-do is growing exponentially, which is good but stressful. My personal challenge I alluded to before isn’t growing, but it also isn’t disappearing. My kids are having some new challenges that need addressing and well, shoot, there are a lot more things to add but the point remains the same,

I feel like I am in a giant pressure cooker. Now mind you I write that and I have to stop. I don’t cook; I bake. If the saying was “I feel like I am getting squeezed out an icing bag” I’d get it. But I have NO idea what a pressure cooker is. So lets see if I used the right example!

Oh my grandmother would be devastated that I don’t know what a pressure cooker is! But at least she would be proud that I can bake cakes and muffins!
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pres·sure cook·er

  1. An airtight pot in which food can be cooked quickly under steam pressure.
  2. A highly stressful situation or assignment.

Okay, I am not an airtight pot, although I am uptight and I do bake in the sun rather quickly. So yeah, so far so good. Am I in a highly stressful situation? I’d say yes.

Again, details are irrelevant. What matters is I feel like I am under pressure; that I am cooking quickly. It isn’t a pretty feeling, is it? I have felt it before when my kids were driving me nuts and pushing. every. single. button. trying desperately to make me yell.  But they didn’t prevail. I did. And I reminded my self how just last Friday, and yesterday and today and well lots of days lately.

Just take it one moment at a time.

One moment at a time.
One problem at a time.
One step at a time.

However you look at it, the idea that keeps me from exploding is simple: think small, don’t let the stress overwhelm you.

One of my favorite business leader quotes is by Herb Kelleher, CEO of Southwest Airlines. It goes something like: “Think small, act small and get bigger. Think big, act big and get smaller.” I find it to be so true!

Think small, one moment at a time, act small, one moment at a time…and you’ll get more done and feel better.

Think big, think about all the stress, act big, try to do it all in a fury of stress…and you’ll get smaller, you’ll get less done and feel worse.

Or here’s another application, which ties directly to yelling less.

Think small, choose just one moment to improve, act small, work on just that moment…and you’ll get more confidence, more success and ultimately grow your moments of not yelling.

Similarly, if you are having success, don’t get too confident! Been there, done that. Don’t think big, I got this, and act big, I don’t need to try, because your yelling less moments will get smaller.

So instead, keep doing the one moment at a time thing. It seems to be a powerful notion.

Is it hard to not yell? YES. Is it hard to feel under pressure and stress sometimes? YES. Is it possible to manage both? Well you know I believe so to the yelling thing and gosh, I certainly hope so for the second part. I am just going to keep chugging along one moment at a time, letting steam off by exercising and talking to friends. And, AND I am going to keep enjoying the Orange Rhino Community’s outpouring of love and support for me and each other, that is growing rapidly like a ball of dough in the sun. See, I don’t cook, I bake!


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2 thoughts on “Pressure Cooker.

  1. Sounds like a mom seeking B A L A N C E, eh?
    The first step toward de-stressing and starting to find balance, is to realize that you will always be in a state of seeking balance. If you are spending extra hours on a project for work, and feel you are neglecting your family, then you are out of balance. If you are traveling on a girl’s trip, you can feel like you are missing your spouse and so your romance is out of balance.
    The next step is simply stopping before you get stressed, realizing that the odd feeling you have is because something is out of balance and it’s about to stress you out. Remind yourself that you are in control! Make yourself do something to bring yourself just a tad back into balance.
    Take a break from your work project and text the kids, go in the other room and join them for a quick 60 seconds to laugh about something on TV, share a few peanut butter crackers with them and then go back to your work.
    For your honey, pick up a sweet card, buy him a funny t-shirt, send him a photo kiss, and then go back to enjoying your girl time.
    Remember, little things mean a lot!

    • Gosh, balance would be nice right now! Thanks for the terrific insight!!! Little things do mean a lot and go a long way. Thanks for reading!

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