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Noise Makes Me Yell

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9 thoughts on “How to Stop Yelling

  1. Hi! I would love to read more – but I can’t open the links?!

    Thank you for giving me an advise. I am a mother of one boy – and he brings me from heaven to hell (and back… luckily). But I would live to stup yelling at him…

    Greets from E.U.

  2. Single mom of two with very little support – went back to custody court for two years spent life savings . Trying to recover from job loss , custody court and loss overall has been tough – I have a teen daughter and a tween son. I struggle to make ends meet and find myself yelling often , especially at my teen . I feel so lost without guidance and really wish I had the tools to stop yelling . I am a great parent in all other aspects; have a good relationship with each child , but feel heartbroken everytime I yell .

  3. I love my 10 years old boy to death and I am so disappointed of myself every time he makes a bad decision then I snap and yelling at him am worry that my behavior don’t affect him in a bad way

  4. I’ve been reading about this challenge for about an hour now and i have cried and i feel sad and at the same time i feel that I’m not alone, i have a baby girl 24 months old she means everything to me and without her in my life nothing wiuld be the same but even though i love her so much, i am really mean to her sometimes because i don’t have a lot of patience
    when I’m in a good mood is easier for me to calm myself and not yell at her. but whenever I’m doing chores like today that i was selecting the clothes i was going to wash she would just go crazy and take it away and throw away or run around when j was asking her to please give it back and she wouldn’t listen i was getting annoyed and told her in a mean voice to stop it. but after that i felt sk bad because j known she is so little and she is not trying tk make me mad she just wants to play. i really want to start this challenge i know that i might not have a lot of patience since when i was little my family didn’t have patience and the were constantly yelling at me and i really don’t want to be like that to my daughter.

  5. Hello. I am so happy I found this website. I have a lovely 3 year old daughter and a beautiful 6 month old son. My yelling towards my 3 year old is horrendous and I am so ashamed of it, I have recently started seeing my 3 year old yell back to me during tantrums in the way I know I do to her and it it hurtful and ugly =( my poor daughter.

    I want to stop yelling. Tonight she had a tantrum and I didn’t yell and even though she did and it went on for a while I remained calm and it was sorted in the end! =) I am going to take this challenge and make myself a better mummy x

  6. I too am ready to take on the “no yelling” challenge! I have 3 boys, ages 3, 5 and 10. The energy level in our house is at all time highs, and my kids most of the time don’t even hear my wife or I anymore even when we do yell. We are going to finish up 2015 and begin 2016 with the Orange rhino challenge. I love the “at least” modo, and I’m going to try to use that every day. Best of luck to eveyone else who is adopting the no yelling challenge! 🙂

  7. I am ready to take on this challenge! I have 2 boys, ages 1 and 2. Looking for a calmer approach to my parenting style. My goal is 1 week, beginning today. Let the games begin!

  8. I feel sooo guilty for yelling. People have complimented me many times in the past about how calm and great of a connection and communication I have with my kids. Then 2 years ago I was involved in a very stressful and hurtful litigation brought on my their dad where my job situation changed (started working more) and my savings was wiped out to handle the legal bills. The financial pressures of building a new career bc the child support is reduced significantly now and still being able to cook dinner, maintain a job and be totally present to my kids have been challenging and my patience wains easily at the end of the day. When they are clowning around at dinner bc I have to get up and take a work call, or deal with a repairman, or when they are slap silly from being tired right after bath and I am doing everything I can to get them in bed on time after a long day when I already feel I have not spent enough time with them, am being pulled in too many directions, have more challenges to get it all in every day, haven’t had a vacation in 3 years, and can’t afford one, etc. I will burst in a yell like, “get your jammies on!! get them on! I have asked you 3 times! – I am sorry for yelling. Mommy’s patience was the size of the whole room and with all this asking now it’s getting to be the size of a cantalope or maybe even a pea. But you don’t deserve to be yelled at. I am the boss of my feelings. I expect you to behave but I need to not yell…” Still I feel so bad becasue I scared the daylights out of my 5 and 6 year old when I yelled. How do I earn back their trust that I am still safe? I told them I made a mistake. I told them everyone has things to work one and I have some pressures that I am dealing with that make it hard to stay patient. But it seems there is no excuse. I need comfort, encourgaement and advice. I know it’s because I don’t hjabe time to work out those days with my kids, I’m tired, stressed and it has nothing to do with them being kids. I have not yelled often, maybe twice a month, but when I do,I think they are really hurt. I am also afraid of looking like the mean mom to their step mom who has almost no pressure in her life – I am aware that I am maxed and they compared to her who is by comparison just being the fun relaxed sweet mom to my 5 and 6 year old girls. I am not jealous of her but I feel very vulnerable to judgement in my girls eyes when I make a mistake.

  9. Hi,

    I know it is not easy, but I need yo stop yelling asap…..I am scared of what i al when i am yelling to my three little princesses. I read about tour testimony, but i feel a huge change right now……it is awful seeing the faces of muy daughters when i al yelling yo them.

    Please i need your help

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