Quick New Year’s Pep Talk!

Happy New Year Orange Rhinos! My four stayed up until midnight for the first time ever, well and I did for the first time in years, so yeah…today is going to be a LOOOOOONG day 🙂 To boot, we did Just Dance all night and I am out of shape so my whole body hurts and my feet are killing me BUT we had a fabulous time so it was worth it. (Check in with me in a couple of hours when I need a nap and they are fighting.)

Anywho, as we all go about this New Years Day, I know that many, many set a New Years Resolution to Yell Less and Love More. I want to remind you that every day, every hour is a chance to Yell Less and Love More. You do not need to set a goal for the entire year nor do you need to start today just because it is New Years. Start at any point when you feel ready and can dedicate yourself (as much as one can) and choose a goal that is inspiring to you but not intimidating.

If 1 week intimates you, go for 1 day.
If 1 day intimidates you, go for 1 moment.
If 1 moment intimidates you, go for simply tracking when you yell so you can learn more and create a road map to yell less.
If tracking intimidates you, go for thinking about starting the journey.

Whatever you do, know that you are already a great parent.

And whenever you do yell, know that that moment doesn’t define you. Be kind and forgiving to yourself so that you keep trying. Tell yourself that while you might have yelled, it gave you the opportunity to teach your children how to forgive, how to plan how to do better next time, and how to move forward together.

On that note, best of luck to every tired parent today 🙂