Orange Rhino Bracelets are Here!

***THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST! I am so sorry that I am wrapping this up for now. Off to choose 200 random names. There will be more bracelets available in the near future! ***

EMAILS ACCEPTED UNTIL 10:00 EST, Friday, May 3, 2013.

200 Bracelets will be mailed out “Just Because” I want to say thank you for all your support! The front has the Orange Rhino rhino with the mantra “Yell Less + L.O.V.E. More.” The inside also has the Orange Rhino rhino with the saying “I am an Orange Rhino.”

More bracelets have been ordered for sale and will be available soon, along with other items to help you on your journey to Yell Less and Love More! Please fill out the form below. I will randomly select 200 people to receive bracelets. Happy Friday and again, thank you!